Mostly Autumn - The V Shows DVD NTSC


On May 8th 2004 Mostly Autumn took the stage at the Astoria Theatre in London for the first of the V shows.

These lavishly produced audio visual spectaculars were always part of Bryan Josh’s vision for Mostly Autumn. The rapidly expanding fan base for the band was at last judged to be big enough to risk a more ambitious stage show than anything previously attempted.
Track Listing:

Something In-between
Caught in a Fold
Another Life
First Thought
Pure White Light
Simple Ways
Distant Train
Answer the Question
Heroes Never Die
Never The Rainbow
Mother Nature

Bonus Tracks
Something In-between Promo
Pure White Light promo
The Night Sky


Bryan’s intuition proved to be correct the fans turned out in force and they were rewarded with a mind-blowing light show, multiple laser display and amazing new film projections.

The powerful music of Mostly Autumn and the stunning audiovisual elements combined to produce a series of magical evenings at the London Astoria, Newcastle Opera House and Wolverhampton’s Wulfrun Hall. These amazing shows were widely hailed by Mostly Autumn fans as the best ever performances by the band.

At each of the shows Mostly Autumn played two complete sets.