Never had the time been more appropriate to release an album like the latest output by British folk-proggers Mostly Autumn. Right in the footsteps of the blockbuster movie Lord Of The Rings, this album should appeal to everyone who is into the realm of Tolkien and has queued up to see the film more than once.

Although the band doesn't see the album as being a full blown follow up to their The Last Bright Light album, Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings holds all of the vintage Mostly Autumn trademarks to turn this into yet another interesting and entertaining musical extravaganza.

Recording a concept album in 14 days has the advantage that the concept is not lost out of sight. However, it also includes some risks (overly repeating melodies etc.). Mostly Autumn have not fall too deeply into that last pitfall, but nevertheless the album could have been a tat more varied. This is compensated for by some stunning tracks (the best ones for me being the first four and Lothlorien). Again a winner from Mostly Autumn

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Track listing
* Overture - Forge Of Sauron 
* Greenwood The Great 
* Goodbye Alone
* Out Of The Inn
* On The Wings Of Gwaihir
* At Last To Rivendell
* Journey's Thought
* Caradhras The Cruel
* The Riders Of Rohan
* Lothlorien 
* The Return Of The King
* To The Grey Havens
* Helm's Deep
[Enhanced video track for PC]