Cover of 'Catch The Spirit - The Complete Anthology'

Catch the Spirit

This double set is intended to introduce new comers to the band. But existing fans may enjoy hearing many of the classics re-arranged and re-recorded to present the songs as the band would wish to have presented them first time given the time and technology.

For Rob Josh, Wherever You Are.
Disc One : Heroes Never Die

Nowhere To Hide
We Come And We Go
The Spirit Of Autumn Past
The Riders Of Rohan
This Great Blue Pearl
Noise From My Head
Half The Mountain
Shrinking Violet
Goodbye Alone
Heroes Never Die
DiscTwo: Mother Nature

Overture - The Forge Of Sauron
The Dark Before The Dawn
Prints In The Stone
The return Of The King
The Night Sky
Winter Mountain
The Last Climb
Never The Rainbow
Porcupine Rain
The Gap Is Too wide
Mother Nature