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Mostly Autumn Live 2009 Part I £9.99

Mostly Autumn Live 2009 Part I
Price £9.99 plus P & P

Two albums, set one and set two.
Each is £9.99 plus P & P

The first (Part 1) was available late October.
The second (Part II) is available now !

At first we were looking down the route of just doing one album and cramming in as many of the highlights as we could, but after speaking to so many of you the general consensus was that we should put the whole set out in its entirety, as two full blown albums exactly as these sets were performed - so this what we are doing.
We seriously believe that we have here the definitive versions of many of our songs; they have just evolved beautifully with the strength of our current line-up. Itís very live and very powerful so make sure you crank it up.

Bryan Josh

Part I includes:
  • Fading Colours
  • Caught in A Fold
  • Flowers For Guns
  • Unoriginal Sin
  • Simple Ways
  • Spirit of Autumn Past - Part II
  • Half The Mountain
  • Evergreen